Einstein Da Vinci
Einstein Da Vinci
Einstein Da Vinci

At Einstein da Vinci we believe in
a Collective Minds principal. We've pooled the best of the best talent across marketing, branding, creative, design and digital.
Above the line and below.
And we all believe in it.
We’re a close-knit team of experienced, enthusiastic and talented staff. At Einstein da Vinci everyone is a valued part of the EDC team. That's how we work. Combining all those attributes
with a healthy dash of imagination and you have a tour de force working across all four
departments of the agency;

Strategy Planning:
When it comes to identifying and solving business challenges, strategy and planning is critical
and insight is king. Because without a solid communication & creative strategy you'll be off message.
Our job is to understand our audience before we can really engage and connect with them
with your brand.
Client Services:
The EDC Client Service team are
the day-to-day interface with our clients managing ongoing projects and strengthening our business relationship. They are also the conduit whereby our clients become an invaluable part of
EDC's Collective Minds team.
Client Service is all about delivery on brief, time and budget.

Creative Services:
Creative isn't as weird and random you may think. The EDC Creative team's conceptual journey is always guided by an agreed, strategic business direction to solve identified business problems. Once we we know our key message and target audience, the creative goal of finding the right idea begins.
Administrative Services:
Of course, literally none of the above departments can operate at EDC without administrative gurus like ours, keeping the wheels and cogs of the Einstein da Vinci machine well oiled and absolutely purring. They are the crucial element behind deadlines being met, budgets being handled and clients being happy.